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My mission is to help high achievers build the work life of their dreams


Dr Alice Penn is an international speaker, and an Executive and Transition Coach. Using her neuroscience expertise and real-life experience, Alice helps high performing achievers and teams to amplify their excellence and be at their best in their work. 


Formerly a sought-after medical doctor to C-suite executives in London she qualified further in Occupational Medicine and Women’s Health, advising top-tier global banks, law firms and professional services firms including UBS, Clifford Chance, PwC, Bank of England, Bloomberg and Deloitte, on the wellbeing of their staff. 

With a desire to serve and step into her true potential, Alice went on to accomplish what many said was impossible: she pivoted successfully from clinical medicine into Corporate Finance consulting at one of the "Big 4" firms in London. 


Now a keynote speaker, and creator of the SuccessRx coaching program, Dr Alice is a master in the art and science of change. Alice is fully accredited as a Professional level Neuroplastician and has successfully navigated change in her personal and professional life. She knows what it takes to level-up! 

Dr Alice works with executives and high-level entrepreneurs to make more impact, excel through transition, find more purpose and build the professional life of their dreams. 


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, I finished my schooling and medical degree, completed my internship years and left to further my experience by working in the United Kingdom. I lived and worked in London, settling into a busy private practice based in the financial district ('The City'). I completed a number of post graduate qualifications (Occupational Medicine, Dermatology and Women's health) and grew a flourishing practice. Despite feeling really privileged to be able to gain the trust of my patients and try to help them in a meaningful way, I knew I was not fulfilling my true potential.


After nearly 10 years in medicine I made a big career change and secured a role in one of the world's top professional services firms in London. Here my growth was accelerated rapidly, working with an excellent team in commercial and financial advisory. My focus was mostly on the Healthcare Sector, working with clients from around the globe. My career went from strength to strength and I set my sights on progressing up the career ladder. After circumstances changed in my personal life I made the decision to return to my family in South Africa.

Back in Cape Town I decided to do the one thing I had dreamt of since a little girl: 

I started my own business. I work with clients from all over the world - my mission is to help others find their purpose, fulfill their true potential and truly excel in their chosen field.

Ready to amplify your excellence?

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