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Amplify Your Excellence

Science-backed coaching to take you from unfulfilled and uncertain to having the work life of your dreams.

10+ Years
Medical Experience

10+ Years
Corporate Experience


Talking About Change
Doesn’t Equal Change

Are you hungry for change and growth but struggle to take action? 

Maybe it’s because you think you can do it yourself, or you’re skeptical of all the fluffy ‘woo-woo' personal development jargon, or maybe you are starting to believe it’s too late for you to make change.


Maybe you worry change means losing your financial security. Well, the reality is that if you don’t take action, you’ll continue to feel unfulfilled, close to burnout and frustrated that you aren’t operating at your best in your work.

When I learned that using a science based approach can drive real and lasting change, I was able to build the work life of my dreams and have helped countless others to do the same.

The SuccessRx Process

Using a straightforward and science-based approach, Success Rx will get you to that next level. We’ll use Neuroscience and evidenced based tools to help you make lasting and impactful change in your work.

The process consists of 4 core phases: 

Build strong foundations: identify and break down barriers to your success. 


Get clear about your unique strengths, gifts and how to build purpose into what you do.


Create your personalised strategy for confident clarity.


Implement your action plan and excel through change.

High achievers who complete The SuccessRx experience:

  • Bringing their A-game to their work and making a bigger impact

  • Recognition for their effort and prospering financially 

  • Taking their career or business to the next level

  • More purpose and fulfillment, feeling energised in their work

WHO is the SuccessRx for?

No matter what transition you are facing in your work, the SuccessRx can guide your further, faster. Which one of these are you?

  • The Powerful Pivoter - you are seeking something new in your work, but not sure what. It could be a big change or perhaps crafting your current role to play to your strengths.

  • The Leveled Up Leader - you may be new in role or recently promoted, and asking 'now what?'. Perhaps you want to excel in your current role, grow as a leader or accelerate your career progression.

  • Employee turned Entrepreneur - you've recently launched into entrepreneurship and are searching for support in your early years being out on your own, building that work life of your dreams.

Clients say

Every time I get off the phone with Alice, it feels like a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders and I immediately know what my focus needs to be. She helps me cut straight through the clutter and noise and hone in on the key strategic choices.


Through her conversations I'm able to prioritise, feel in control again, which gives me the energy and motivation to get excited about what I'm building and achieving. For an entrepreneur - the journey is super lonely - so having Alice in my corner is what makes all the difference to my success.”

-- Joanne B, MD and Tech entrepeneur

The SuccessRx
Coaching Programme

You will be supported by the

following core components:

Personalised Support

1:1 coaching sessions, psychometric testing, goal setting, personalised strategy, implementation and execution support.


Science backed, tried and tested program, tailored for you to get the results you really want.

Community of High Performers

Connect with other high performers: network and learn from each other as you build the work life of your dreams.


Access to an extensive video lesson library, workbooks and resources designed to expedite your progress between sessions.

Inside the SuccessRx

6 months container to build the work life of your dreams

Unlimited access to learning portal

High Performer Community: Regular mastermind style events

Mastermind Experts: Expert guest speakers

Kick off and goal setting 1:1 call

Wrap up 1:1 call and personalized strategy map

2 x 60 minute coaching calls per month, 1:1 with Dr Alice

Professional psychometric and strengths testing

Implementation Support*

Collaborative working offline, 24 hour email access, text/sms/WhatsApp between calls.

 *Resume/CV support, Interview preparation, Job search support

If I can do it so can you

As a high-achiever, I excelled as a medical doctor and a Corporate Finance professional. Yet, despite my outward success and life that looked ‘good on paper’, I knew I wasn't making the most of my gifts and strengths. For years I felt stuck and doomed to continue excelling in my work yet feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, close to burnout, wondering ‘is this it?’.

I spoke about change, I longed for change, but I couldn’t make it stick. Tired of talking and not acting, I turned to the neuroscience and developed a strategy and methodology that has allowed me to make real change and bring the best of myself to my work. I want to help you do the same.

My message to you:

You are never too old and it’s never too late!

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There is no better time to

build the work life of your dreams

Whether you are a lawyer, banker, entrepreneur, doctor, engineer, director or executive, the clients we work with all have one thing in common:


They are highly educated top performers but want ‘something more’ from their work.


They want to be at their best and make an impact.

Request your call and get started!

On the call we will uncover want you to achieve and begin to identify how you could make this a reality.


We will determine the best next step for you to take based on your short-term and long-term goals.


You will leave the call with greater clarity about how you can make the change you require to have the work life of your dreams.

Dr Alice Penn 

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