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Using neuroscience to create:

  • Radical change at work

  • High performing teams

  • Impactful resilient leaders

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As a high achiever, the career you've built probably looks just fine on paper, but you often ask yourself:

  • "Do I still have more to give?" 

  • "Am I making the most of my

       natural gifts?"

  • "How can I feel more energised in my work?"

  • ​"What will it take to perform at my full potential?"

If that's you, it's no surprise you're feeling frustrated, a sense of burnout, and a bit stuck in your work.

You want to perform at your best but

unsure how.

All of these questions leave you feeling uncertain. 

And the lack of clarity prevents you from taking action.


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How we do it:

Our straightforward approach helps high achievers

bring their best to their work.

4 phases

Phased approach for be your best at work - Identify

Build strong foundations: identify and break down barriers to your success. 

Phased approach for be your best at work - Uncover

Get clear about your unique strengths, gifts and how to build purpose into what you do.

Phased approach for be your best at work - Clarify

Create your personalised strategy for confident clarity.

Phased approach for be your best at work -  Excel

Implement your action plan and excel through change.

Learn how
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When you Operate out of

Your Fullest Potential,

Your Impact Expands Exponentially

In my two decades, first as a medical doctor and then as a finance professional, I'm no stranger to high achievement.


Yet, I knew I wasn't making the most of my unique strengths.


I began to resent my work, dreading each day ahead, to the point where my mental health was suffering.


I put my head down to work harder and harder so that I didn't have to

face the reality:


I needed to find where I was at my best so I could excel.


So, I turned to the neuroscience.


And by using those tools, I created a strategy that allows me to bring the best of myself to my work and excel in every area of my life.

I want to help you do the same.


What people are saying Jo.jpg

"Every time I get off the phone with Alice, it feels like a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders and I immediately know what my focus needs to be. She helps me cut straight through the clutter and noise and hone in on the key strategic choices. Through her conversations I'm able to prioritise, feel in control again, which gives me the energy and motivation to get excited about what I'm building and achieving. For an entrepreneur - the journey is super lonely - so having Alice in my corner is what makes all the difference to my success.”

-- Joanne B, MD and Tech entrepeneur

Help High Performers


You can Have the Professional Life of Your Dreams

Do you remember how you envisioned your career before you started? Does it look that way today?


It upsets me to see high achieving, incredible people not feel empowered to make the most of their natural strengths and ask:


"Is this is as good as it gets?".


I remember when I decided to leave medicine, people told me: “It can’t be done.” “It’s not possible.” 


I’m glad I didn’t listen.


When I pivoted from a Medical Doctor to Corporate Finance, to now an Expert Transition Coach and Speaker, I have excelled through transitions to build the life of my dreams.


By combining my love of neuroscience with my real life experience, I guide my clients to reach their full professional and personal potential. 


Today, you may feel very distant from the vision you originally set out for yourself. That’s okay. I believe if you sense unrealised potential within yourself, that you are on the brink of great change, and I am on a mission to help you take the steps to truly amplify your excellence!

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4 Steps to Purpose and Fulfilment 

This free mini course will help you take the steps you need to begin to unlock the full power of your natural strengths to take you from feeling unfulfilled and stuck, to building the work life of your dreams.

Four Day Mini Course Course to build the work life of your dreams

Working Together Will Empower you to:

  • Make a bigger impact

  • Grow as a leader

  • Feel more energised

  • Be recognised for your efforts

  • Communicate more powerfully

  • Prosper financially

  • Accelerate your career progression

  • Start something new

  • Experience more fulfillment

  • Find more time in the day

  • Feel excited and engaged in your work

  • Get better results

  • Conquer imposter syndrome

  • Excel with confidence through challenges and transition

  • Exceed your own expectations

  • Change the way you think about your work





Excel Through Change

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